We are not a food magazine. But we are tied to food in a way.
A feast is something held by humans for millennia; throughout our terms of evolution, even. A feast is excess. Modesty. Façade. Gladness. Celebration. Even silence that’s a measure of closeness or distance. Mourning. It’s more than a myriad of reasons.
Food is the first gift we receive. And at feasts, stories are told. Songs recited. Prayers said. Family tensions spewed. Admittances of infidelity. Demands for divorce. Coming outs. And so much more.
Since our ancestors roamed the world hunting for new horizons; we have always gathered around a hearth to share a meal. Sometimes we’d run into strangers. And share. 
We are not a food magazine or recipe outlet. We are about stories that have been shared throughout time that have transformed through modern details. Maybe some new ones, too. We are a meager market for new stories and poems. We do not have fees. Yet. When we do contests and contributor pay outs, we match a percent of the winnings and donate it to a charity or non profit somehow tied to food or nourishment.
We are in the process of filing to become an official nonprofit.
Although we are a paying market, pay outs are done via PayPal or Venmo.
For other inquiries and how to donate, feel free to email colin at managingeditortf@gmail.com

pass.the.salt presse is what homes this project. See link above to know more.
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