The Unbroken Wheat Project 2023

In the summer of 2023, we generated a community outreach project that would give voice and economic power to the between housing, or what people culturally consider "homeless", youth served by Montrose Grace Place. (Info on MGP can be found here to learn more about their work and mission in the Houston area >>> MONTROSE GRACE PLACE - Home)
This project came about through some conversation and connection between the founder, colin, and Robin Mack over coffee and cake in the neighborhood of Montrose at Empire Cafe. It was a cool, sunny spring day on the patio. After learning about one another and their roles in serving different aspects of community, a new initiative would take place under pass.the.salt presse.
Over the course of year one and two, table//FEAST Literary Magazine came to rely on members of Houston's community - especially writers and services that were rendered from the heart and giving spirit. As a means to give back to the writers, The Unbroken Wheat Project would seek to pay these writers back if they were to lead a workshop for writing at Montrose Grace Place for the youth. The idea was then to supply any extra funds outside of paying the writers to give to MGP.
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