In a season of depression, our managing editor had rekindled some dream of establishing a literary magazine once more. When he parted ways from a previous publication that didn't share any vision, he decided down the road he'd restart a previous journey with current Poetry Co-Editor Elyse Grant. As plans emerged like a patch of dandelions, these dreams thickened like their stalks. What some see as a weed was once a delicacy in the Americas - more than wishful fancy and prey for lawnmowing machine maws. And boy, did it overflow and grow.
colin sought to wed two things he loved, being literature and food. The two damn things kept him in school, so he'd graduate with an education. He then decided to start a paying literary magazine that would be called something akin to "FEAST" but that was too plain, and more than likely and surely taken. He then was inspired to call it "table//FEAST" and decided that the magazine would rely on food-based events to raise funds. Other nonprofits and not for profits could use charity nights at restaurants, so why not tie the two together. He realized that the dinner table or a meal that is shared is where we tell stories whether they be memories, fabrications, or retelling of everyday events.
He recalled people, writers, always complaining that they weren't being paid for their work. He then decided to be a paying magazine that was online. Instead of the huge costs of print publication's needs, he decided to use said funds for running a print magazine to pay the writers and artists. 

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