We are now offering consultations and feedback for individual pieces or manuscripts. Our fees are based off of industry standards and a sliding scale that fit your needs. For queries on pricing and offers, e-mail us at managingeditortf@gmail.com

Funds generated through this work go towards paying writers and artists we publish, advertising costs, and saving that'll help us grow as a press.

Our managing editor & founder, colin james sturdevant, is offering these services as a means to support the press. His accomplishments are below:

- He has had experience in editing poetry & prose for the past ten years via Glass Mountain, Houston & Nomadic Voices Magazine, Goat's Milk Magazine, and this venture.
- He won second place in an adoptee writing contest in 2021 hosted by Adoptee Reclaimed.
- He was recently semifinalist in a major writing contest in 2022 (undisclosed until release).
- His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Glass Mountain, Bluestem Magazine, and Crab Creek Review.
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